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Skin Firming and Cellulite Reduction

Treat yourself to a smoother, sexier figure!



How VelaShape works

The secret behind VelaShape is Elos - the revolutionary technology that combines four powerful energies:

• Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF)

• Infrared Light energies

• Negative pressure (vacuum) and

• Tissue manipulation (mechanical massage)

• Due to TGA rules, we are unable to describe the therapeutic effect in detail, however we will explain the process in full at a complimentary consultation.


Improvement in skin tone and smoothness

• Average improvement for all patients on the appearance of cellulite was 65% reduction.

• Clinical improvement averaging 50% reduction in cellulite appearance.

• Patient based assessment of cellulite and skin texture was 62% improvement and blinded doctor based evaluation of improvement was 40%.

• 50% of the subjects experienced significant visual improvement in cellulite and skin texture greater than 51%.

• All patients reported skin contraction as a result of the treatment.

• Skin and cellulite appearance continued to improve in 37.5% of subjects up to 8 weeks after the last treatment.

• Patient assessment of improvement was an average of 75% improvements at 3 months post treatment (62% by physicians) and 50% improvement at 6 months post treatment (50% by physicians), with no maintenance.

• Significant improvement in skin laxity and tightening was noted by both the physician and patients.


What to expect during your VelaShape treatment

A lubricating spray is applied prior to treatment and you'll feel a deep, soothing heat in the targeted area. No body stockings or suits are required.

Patients have compared the feeling of the treatment to the sensation of an intense workout or a deep tissue massage. Some patients find the treatment so relaxing they drift to sleep. If you experience discomfort we can reduce settings to cater to your level of tolerance (however the higher the settings the more effective the treatment).

Aside from a hot sensation, certain patients experience a temporary redness in the treatment area. Some bruising may be possible; this will be reabsorbed by the body in a few days. You may resume your normal daily activities immediately after the session, even sports activities. Most patients go straight back to work or straight to the gym. Treatments don't involve sweating, so you will not need a shower afterwards.

Patients may notice a slight temporary increase in urine output following treatment. At least 2 and up to 4 litres of water per day is strongly recommended.


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